Har du lyst til at blive "lytter panel", og lytte til sange som jeg overvejer at udgive, men endnu ikke har besluttet, så skriv til mig og du får et password. Du må gerne komme med konstruktiv kritik eller bare hvad du synes. 

Det hele findes på den nye side Quantum. 






Thomas Bay is a Danish singer songwriter. As a musician Thomas Bay is creating music that is driven by a desire to catch those feelings we all know about. He has battled between depression, adhd and eventually found solace in music. Thus, music is a homecoming for him, as it opens the door to a presence in which his emotions and ideas can be fully expressed. His overarching ambition is to tell his story, inspire those who resonate and relate to his life experiences and to create something memorable.

My new single "DCO" 

You can find a new demo song that is still in the drawer on the "Some demo songs" section. It is not finished at all but its on the table. My violin friend have something in the boiling pot.

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