Welcome to 2023!

I will release music I have mixed myself this year. Some old demos and some new ones.  Instead of waiting for the opportunity to have the resources to produce the music professionally, I want to share it and let others enjoy it if it fits their taste. It may be simple, and there may be some minor mistakes, but I am eager to share my music with those who like it. Some of it will be available on streaming services, while other tracks will be released on this site. 

Every week you can listen to a new song.

Info about the first demo called “I’ve Done Enough.” The song touches on the idea that outside opinions and judgment can’t fully understand the relationship dynamic. 




dveI Done E noughId’ve Done Enough

Best regards, Thomas Bay





You can find a new demo song still in the drawer in the "demo songs" section. It is not finished at all, but it's on the table. My violin friend has something in the boiling pot. 


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