2020 has been a tough year. Not only because of Corona, but also personally where I have felt burned out.  A year where my mind sometimes has been wandering in a sentence saying that it would be better, if I was not here on earth anymore. Where the only thing I long for is peace of mind and where I do not have to drag my children and loved ones down into my darkness.  A year with a lot of crying and hope for better days. 

Yes, I know about darkness but I also know about light and love. And I have learned about inner healing and how every day welcome me to go with either the darkness or the light in me. But this journey is long and the day is everyday practice. So 2020 has also given me a bunch of keys. In the  middle of it all I create my songs. 

This is just how it is..simple as that.  

However, the music keeps me running and I use it as pure therapy. So take it as you please.

I have made a new demo page. On this one there will be tracks that I have not recorded yet or mastered. One of these is "Just let it be... "

If all goes well some new songs will come in the beginning of 2021.

Feb 2021


"Fade away" and "I've been wondering"on spotify, Tidal, google play, Apple music etc....


Thomas Bay - June 2020


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